National   E-commerce Association:  Consorzio Netcomm

In relation to the ongoing emergency related to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Consorzio Netcomm is constantly monitoring the situation to analyze its evolution and to be able to promptly provide useful information to all its members. The association has launched a dedicated webpage for information on the coronavirus.


Government   sources:

Please find more information about the adopted measures via the links below:

  • Cura Italia
  • Decree on suspension of payment of personal income taxes
  • Decree on suspension of payment of corporate taxes by businesses

Other news:

  • 30 September: Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stated that the Italian COVID-19 Recovery Plan is on track to be presented to the European Commission on time.
  • 10 September:  Italy drafted a 30-page document outlining the country’s recovery plan from COVID-19. Main priorities for the Italian government include digitalization and innovation, the green transition, health, sustainable infrastructure, education and research, and social and territorial inclusion.
  • 03 September:  The Italian government seeks a deal with Paris to impose COVID-19 testing on tourists and workers returning from France and is looking to do the same with Spain since infections are increasing there as well.