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This article has been provided by Ecommerce Europe’s National Association:   The Chamber of Digital Economy   (Poland)

A new category in the e-Chamber’s competition e-Commerce Director of the Year opens up the opportunity to bring together experiences from several EU markets. It also provides an opportunity to compare the success stories of specific brands with key online business leaders behind them. This is what the EUROPEAN E-COMMERCE DIRECTOR category brings to the 5th edition of the most prestigious Polish competition that recognises both leaders and their teams.

The person who holds the position of e-commerce director focuses on strategic management and sales, working closely with the heads of technology and marketing. However, their responsibilities are multidisciplinary and in line with the most important goal of the business, which is to increase sales and optimise UX. It means that the e-commerce director holds the greatest responsibility in the organisation, even though all staff make an important contribution to the operation of the whole business entity.

E-commerce talent

We are pleased to find new faces in our industry at C-level – people who boast increasingly high levels of advancement and knowledge of online trading within organisations. They also create new trends,” points out Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, President of the Chamber of Digital Economy, organiser of the competition. The e-Chamber is creating new opportunities to compete as they correspond to the rapidly changing landscape of online commerce. “There are new markets, new challenges, and new duties for which e-commerce executives are responsible. We want to seek them out while broadening the scope of this award, one much needed in our milieu,” – she adds.

The European dimension of leadership

This year’s new addition to the competition, the European e-Commerce Director, is dedicated to all professionals whose job consists in managing a European online store. Due to the development of the digital single market in the EU and the blurring of borders as a result of the cross-border e-commerce model, its universal character underlines the cross-regional development of e-commerce. It highlights the competencies of international leaders that bring growth to specific businesses.

We have noticed that such an initiative, i.e., singling out the best professionals who, with their direct actions, have a tangible impact on the innovativeness of companies transnationally, is missing in European online business,” says Paulina Wojczyńska, Projects Director at the e-Chamber.With our experience of identifying leaders in the Polish market, we want to go one step further. With the support of organisations based outside our country and their knowledge of local markets, we want to recognise European e-commerce personalities,” she stresses.

An international category – European Ecommerce Director

The jury for this competition will include members of European e-commerce organisations from f.ex. Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, as well as Luca Cassetti, head of Ecommerce Europe, an institution based at the EC to which the e-Chamber also belongs.

Multiplied benefits

Healthy competition is important, but it also results in an exchange of e-commerce professionals’ experiences, insights into working methods in different markets, as well as challenges encountered and success stories. Everyone contributes indisputable knowledge to the competition, i.e. first-hand knowledge of their roles, responsibilities, and working methods. This again leads to the development of cross-border e-commerce, a trend that is now particularly strong in terms of business development.

Also, in the case of businesses that voice an ambition to grow further abroad, making contact with international participants helps to understand their working methods and operate with cultural nuances in mind. It can also make it easier to identify common trends, i.e. look ahead to the future, which is an inherent part of developing a competitive advantage in the market.

Knowing the value of the company’s e-commerce director, will their team hesitate to send an entry? Will they choose to stop their award nomination knowing how hard they work and how well they perform?

We look forward to finding that out!

Entries for the overall competition are accepted from March 12 to April 15 on the website https://dyrektorecommerceroku.pl/en/

The announcement of the winners combined with an awards gala in Poland, 6.06.2024 in Santa Natura Resort & Spa – Warsaw.

The first international category in the e-Commerce Director of the Year competition.

The jury concerned with the said category in the e-Chamber’s e-Commerce Director of the Year competition comprises leaders working with European e-commerce organisations:

  • Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, President Chamber of Digital Economy – Poland
  • Roberto Liscia, President netComm, Italy
  • Janet Naidenova, Chairperson, Bulgarian E-commerce Association

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Institutional Partners: Bulgarian Ecommerce Association, Ecommerce Europe, netComm

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