A few days left to reply to the European Commission’s public consultation on cross-border parcel delivery


The European Commission has launched a targeted consultation on cross-border parcel delivery which aims to gather stakeholders’ views on the application of Regulation (EU) 2018/644 on Cross-border parcel delivery services.

The Regulation, adopted in 2018, is aimed at enhancing regulatory oversight and transparency in the parcel delivery sector, in particular by enhancing the transparency of public list tariffs for certain parcel delivery services and by providing for the assessment of certain cross-border parcel delivery tariffs. Parcel delivery service providers that are in the scope of the regulation are required to provide certain information to the national regulatory authority (NRA) of the EU country in which they are established, in particular the public list of tariffs for the delivery of single-piece postal items. This excludes items of correspondence (i.e. postal items not containing goods) and must be done by 31 January of each calendar year. The Commission publishes the tariffs subject to transparency measures online by the end of March each calendar year. On the basis of the public lists of tariffs the NRA identifies, for each of the single-piece postal items listed in the annex of the regulation, the cross-border tariffs that they consider necessary to assess.

The Regulation also requires the Commission to adopt a report on its application and implementation, in order to assess its contribution to the improvement of cross-border parcel delivery services and its impact on e-commerce. The stakeholders’ feedback will feed into this report, the first one since the adoption of the EU law.

Ecommerce Europe invites all interested stakeholders, e-merchants and their national federations, parcel delivery and postal operators, to reply to the public consultation before the deadline of 15 October 2020.

The Commission’s public consultation can be accessed here.