A glance into the business mind behind the glittering world of online jeweller Ice.com


As the founder of and EVP of Business Development at Ice.com, a leading provider of high quality and great value jewellery , Mr. Pinny Gniwisch is giving us his point of view on how social media influences today’s e-commerce and explains how cross-border retail can be improved. Mr. Gniwisch is an expert on social media, online marketing and merchandising and will be one of the inspring speakers at this year’s Global E-commerce Summit in Barcelona on June 8-10.

The role of social media

When asked what the key e-commerce innovations have been at Ice.com and what role social media plays in its success,Mr. Gniwisch answered that Ice.com’s main focus lies on the consumer: he is the focal point of the retail strategy and basically the business has to be about him. Here, social media is a crucial integral part of the deal: Twitter, blogs, Facebook etc. are the lifelines of communication with the consumer. This is the place where the company can inform about the quality of its brand, offer special deals and make the consumer an active contributor in the manufacturing process. Mr. Gniwisch says: “Social media enables the consumer to become a responsible decision maker in the manufacturing process.”

Mr. Gniwisch believes that social media has an essential role with regard to cross-border e-commerce. He emphasizes that “social media has the quality of reaching people in all kinds of cultural settings and speaks an universal language.” It is not the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) alone that is responsible for success, but also the PR and Marketing through the social media efficiently draws the consumers attention. This is especially important for niche companies such as high quality jewellery, since consumers will actively look for it.

Jewellery as an emotional product

We asked Mr. Gniwisch whether jewellery needs a different approach since it is quite an emotional product. He explains: “The emotional aspect of jewellery indeed requires a special personal approach. For female consumers jewellery is always associated with emotions and for men there is the question how to deal with that sensitive topic. We try to guide men through that process of searching an appropriate piece of jewellery and take away their anxiety of making a wrong choice. Social media can humanize the purchase process and gives our brand the opportunity to remain its authentic self on an international level.”

Enhancing the customer experience with mobile commerce

Essentially the main goal of Ice.com is to create a seamless environment for e-commerce and communication with the consumer. Gniwisch: “We want to enable an online presence that is frictionless and delivers a hands-on experience for the consumer. The progress of technology will eventually enhance this feature more and more.” He further points out that mobile commerce plays an essential role in achieving frictionless contact with the customer. It is helping the brand to reach the customer more directly, since 75 percent of people who are connected to the internet are first using their mobile phones to search online. Especially for small businesses this is an essential channel to reach their target groups, create a special customer experience and leave the him with the feeling of being important for the retailer. Mr. Gniwisch concludes that in the future of the company’s e-commerce the key quality will remain the mutual understanding of the consumer and the brand.

What’s the right mobile platform for you?

If you find Mr. Gniwisch vision inspiring and you want to know how your company can use mobile commerce best, you shouldn’t miss Mr. Gniwisch speech on the first day of the Global E-commerce Summit. On June 9, Mr. Gniwisch will discuss the theme ‘Choosing the right mobile platform for YOU’.

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