A Glimpse at Tomorrow’s Key Growth Hubs


From June 4-6, The Global E-Commerce Summit in Barcelona will once again gather international e-commerce specialists and professionals. We are proud to bring together valuable perspectives, not only from large international players, but also from experts from smaller – but no less interesting – markets around the world.

With 72 % of the population having access to Internet services and 376,800 Facebook users out of a total population of 1,33 million, Estonia ranks high in terms of Internet-readiness. Let’s not forget, this is the country that launched remarkable e-commerce initiatives such as the virtual fitting robots by Fits.Me. Who would be more qualified to give some useful insights on working in Estonia’s E-Commerce landscape than Peep Kuld, Member of the Supervisory Board of Estonia’s E-Commerce Association and founder of the market leading e-commerce brand ON24?

Revenues generated by e-commerce in Turkey increased by 52 percent between February and November 2011. According to FactFinder, Turkey has the highest e-commerce growth in Europe. Yet another research firm, yStats, reveals that Sahibinden.com is Turkey’s most popular website. We are honoured to welcome Burak Ertaş, CEO of Sahibinden.com, as one of the speakers in Barcelona.

Last, but not least, there is Pakistan. Often ignored in favour of its larger neighbour India, the Pakistani market offers a multitude of interesting opportunities to entrepreneurs. One of those who has seized those opportunities is Monis Rahman, Chairman and CEO of Naseeb Networks, a leading provider of recruitment, social networking, classifieds and related services in Pakistan.

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Source: e-commercefacts.com