A sneak peek of internet usage around the globe


The global number of Internet users at the end of 2012 was estimated at around 2.4 billion and is projected to reach close to 3.5 billion in a couple of years, around 50% of world population. As the number of Internet users grows and users are getting more and more confident in purchasing online, the number of online shoppers is set to grow quickly.

According to Ecommerce Europe’s estimates, the global number of online shoppers has grown to over 1 billion in 2012. In other words, over 40% of the global number of Internet users has shopped online in 2012.

  • Asia-Pacific, including China and India, has the largest share of internet users of 45.6%, followed by Europe in with 21.8%;
  • North America, including the USA and Canada covers around 11.3% and Latin America, with Brazil, is taking the lead followed by Mexico at 10.6% of internet users;
  • The Middle East and North Africa cover 6.1%, where Egypt and Morocco have the highest number of users and the Gulf countries the highest penetration;
  • The rest of Africa, with Nigeria far ahead,when it comes to the number of Internet-users, followed by Kenya at 4.6%.

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