ACEPI launches the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark !


During the Portugal Digital Summit (11-12 October), the Portuguese e-commerce association ACEPI (Associação da Economia Digital) launched the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark with their renewed national trustmark scheme, ‘Selo Confio’. By attending the Summit, ACEPI increased awareness of the scheme, and gave information to merchants as well as special discount for the new trustmark websites.

“We have decided to launch the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark in Portugal for several reasons. For Portuguese companies it is very important because it allows them to increase cross border e-commerce in Europe. It will also reinforce the trust Portuguese consumers have for companies both in Portugal and outside carrying the Trustmark. Furthermore, it is the only Pan-European scheme that supports consumers, as the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark can assist them in case of a problem with an online purchase of a product or a service.  Finally, Ecommerce Europe is the voice of the e-commerce sector, with leading National Associations on board, giving significant credibility to the Trustmark,” said Alexandre Nilo Fonseca, President of ACEPI.

The new combined Trustmarks provide support to Portuguese retailers trading online, both nationally and cross border. Retailers who sign up to the Portuguese Trustmark will receive the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark for free. The companies applying for the Trustmark will be subject to an audit to ensure compliance with European consumer law. The Portuguese Trustmark and Ecommerce Europe Trustmark will be used together.

The combined Trustmark also enhances consumers’ trust. It gives them peace of mind by allowing them to read in full what their rights are, and the obligations the online merchant has committed to. In case of a complaint, the consumer can contact the Trustmark Service Centre. This is essential for boosting trust in e-commerce at the European level. The Trustmark provides Portuguese retailers with great opportunities in Europe, as using the national Trustmark builds trust among local consumers. It also reduces legal barriers to entry for cross-border trade for retailers, as the national associations have the national legal expertise, relevant for a web shop in that specific country.