Amazon’s action on ‘fake review brokers’


Guest article by Amazon, Company Member PLUS of Ecommerce Europe

Amazon has recently filed a lawsuit against two major fake review brokers, AppSally and Rebatest. This initiative contributes to Amazon’s comprehensive and proactive endeavour to ensure a safe and trustworthy shopping experience for its customers and extensive opportunities to create thriving businesses.

Amazon has continued to invent, deploy, and improve their ability to fight against incentivised and fake reviews for several years. Relying on seasoned investigators as well as developing advanced machine learning technologies, the company stopped more than 200 million suspected fake reviews in 2020. By distorting reviews, which are  a valuable indicator to guide consumers in their choice, these brokers create an unfair competitive advantage that harms business users and deceive end users.

Thanks to investigations into review brokers,  Amazon was able to expose the fraudulent schemes of these review brokers. Such lawsuits have already proved successful to shut down similar fraudsters active in Germany and the UK.

As a pioneer in product reviews, Amazon deploys as many as 10.000 employees around the world to prevent frauds and abuse on its marketplace.

For more information, read the full article by Amazon here.