Asendia shares its know-how in e-commerce


Retailers around the world are increasingly in search of relevant market information and practical know-how when expanding cross-border. For this reason, our Business Partner Asendia – the Joint Venture between La Poste and Swiss Post – has compiled a series of  comprehensive white papers aiming to help businesses better face the challenges and pitfalls related to entering some of the key e-commerce destinations.

As of this month, Asendia is offering a series of free downloadable and comprehensive white papers on key destinations for e-commerce, including France, Switzerland, the USA, and Germany.

Asendia has already provided  free access to its online know-how blog where it regularly produces insights on the burgeoning e-commerce markets and the opportunities it is offering to online retailers who would like to take their business global.

Useful information and practical know-how

Retailers who intend to expand cross-border have to face specific challenges depending on the markets they are targeting.  Useful information and practical know-how is therefore essential if new market entrants are to avoid the mistakes made by other businesses in the past.

The French market, for example, is relatively easy to enter and be successful in. Logistics are less complex than entering other countries and distribution costs can be low. For these reasons, France is often the first country which European e-commerce retailers will enter when expanding cross border.

Switzerland on the other hand, is a small but important e-commerce market, offering plenty of opportunities for European online retailers. The Swiss are online in large numbers and have an appetite to find cheaper prices and larger product ranges beyond their borders. And the country is a relatively easy market to enter, even though it is not part of the EU. Customs clearance can take as little as a day and through the other side you’ll find a first class logistics network.

In addition to the French and Swiss markets, Asendia has comprehensive white papers for retailers who wish to find out more about the challenges and pitfalls of the US and the German e-commerce markets.

To download these white papers, please visit or visit the Asendia know-how blog for any other information on market trends.