ASOS presenter at exclusive Ecommerce Europe Round Table Paris


Ecommerce Europe and organise Round Table Events across Europe. The Round Table in Paris is in co-operation with Fevad, one of the national associations of Ecommerce Europe. The exclusive ‘invitation only’ Round Table will take place on 14th of February 2013. Gaele Wuilmet (ASOS) is one of the presenters this evening.

The round tables take place in a dinner setting. They are an excellent way to gain knowledge and meet / network with industry peers. The ‘invitation only’ exclusive round tables will be for around 20-30 retailers per evening.

Round Table Paris
Date: 14th of February 2013
Location: Restaurant Alcazar, 2 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris

Round Table programme:
• 19.30 Welcome drink and speech host
• 20.00 Start of dinner, hors d’oeuvre
• 20.45 1st inspirational presentation: Olivier Vialle and Anne Lise Glauser, PwC (*)*
• 21.00 Main course
• 21.45 2nd inspirational presentation: Gaele Wuilmet, ASOS (**)
• 22.00 Dessert
• 23.00 End of evening

The round table in Paris will explore the theme: Cross-border e-commerce
The round table will therefore be interesting for French leading retailers who want to do business outside their own borders.

* Olivier Vialle et Anne-Lise Glauser, PwC (Presentation in French)
Olivier and Anne Lise will share the results of the 2nd international PWC web buyers survey. PwC invites you to discover the views of 11,000 surveyed web-buyers across 11 countries: about their motivations, behaviors, the impact of social media, the major players in online sales, the role of brands on the internet; what does multichannel strategy means for retailers?

** Gaele Wuilmet, Country manager ASOS France (Presentation in French)
How does ASOS handle the main Cross-Border issues? She will tell how to adapt the e-commerce trade across borders and channels according to the following topics:
– How to create an organized structure to maximize efficiency
– Organize synergies in an environment different channels
– What are the triggers and inhibitors of cross-border e-commerce?

Besides the two inspirational speakers there will be also room for discussions during the round table about for example:
– Research; facts & figures – Logistics, distribution, etc.
– ePayments – Culture issues
– ePrivacy – Marketing possibilities
– Legislation – Local issues

Olivier Vialle:
Olivier Vialle is a Partner in PwC’s Strategy pole. He has 16 years of experience in strategy consulting and mergers and acquisitions. Olivier has developed an expertise in the area of distribution media and entertainment sectors and in particular their digital and digital dimensions. Olivier is a graduate of HEC.

Anne-Lise Glauser:
Anne-Lise Glauser is Director within Corporate Strategy at PwC. She has over eleven years experience in strategy consulting and mergers and acquisitions. Anne-Lise focuses on the areas of retail and consumer goods. She helped develop the second edition of the global multichannel study from PwC. Anne-Lise is a graduate of HEC.

Gaele Wuilmet:
Gaele Wuilmet is Country Manager of ASOS in France since October 2012. In her former job she was responsible for building and developing the Apparel/ Fashion category of Gaele is a graduate of HEC.

If you would like to join the round table, please send an email to Martine Benjamins at

>>>This Round Table is accessible for members and business partners of Ecommerce Europe.