Augmented Advertising & Sales – the first conference on AR and VR in marketing and sales will take place in Poland


A contemporary consumer moving between the digital world and the real world influences the business models of companies, especially in the area of communication and sales.  How to connect it with the brand in digital and real time at the same time?  Using virtual and augmented reality. On 16 May, the most practical conference devoted entirely to the use of these technologies in marketing, sales and advertising – Augmented Advertising & Sales CEE will take place in Warsaw.

The Chamber of Digital Economy, Polish SMB Marketing Association and ContentHouse agency want to start a serious discussion on this topic. The first step is the organization of   the Augmented Advertising & Sales CEE conference – the first event in Central and Eastern Europe entirely devoted to the possibilities, examples and future of the technology of augmented and virtual reality.

At the conference participants will have a chance to learn about the latest implementations of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the area of artificial intelligence supporting technologies for expanded sales. The organizers provide access to unique knowledge that has hitherto been found in the marketing departments of large brands. Experts will present topics related to trends and research in this field which is still developing and will show inspiring   case studies   and share their   know-how.

The conference is organized under the patronage of international organizations: AR / VR Association and Ecommerce Europe.

The direction of development and the possibilities of using virtual technology, expanded or mixed reality in the media is a topic that often takes on the heads of the most important people from the world of advertising or marketing. Examples of how to use AR or VR in marketing campaigns and their results will be presented.

With the   Augmented Advertising & Sales CEE   conference, attendees will have the opportunity to gather more experience and knowledge, while connecting with people who want to build consumer experience in an unconventional way, deepen interaction with the product in a desktop store and in e-commerce, create extended formats in advertising campaigns on Facebook or content marketing. There will also be topics related to the use of VR and AR in outdoor advertising and printing. The industries that can especially benefit from this technology are fashion, beauty, automotive, retail, real estate and online stores.

The Augmented Advertising & Sales CEE conference   will take place on 16 May 2019 in Warsaw. Advance sale of tickets has just started.

Details of the event can be found on the website: