Award-winner SkatePro: Increase your online success, focus on the costumer


Scandinavia’s largest online skate shop, SkatePro, wins national and international awards for their limitless growth, such as the Gold e-commerce award at FDIH’s annual e-commerce award show and the silver edition of the Entrepreneurial Award during the European E-commerce Awards. An extraordinary focus on the customer experience brings the Danish company to the top.

“And the winner of this year’s Gold e-commerce award is … SkatePro!” With great surprise and pride SkatePro won the prestigious Gold award at FDIH’s annual e-commerce award show May 22th 2015. When they three weeks later got silver in the entrepreneur category at the European E-commerce Awards, SkatePro was internationally confirmed that their business strategy is the way forward.

“The e-commerce awards mean a lot to us. It is a great recognition of all our employees, but for our customers the awards are no big deal, ” says Carsten Schmidt, Partner at SkatePro.

“Extraordinary customer focus makes SkatePro stand out”

According to Carsten Schmidt an extraordinary customer focus makes SkatePro stand out from their competitors: “We focus on the customers in everything that we offer. We believe that the experience is essential for the customers to choose us. Our product selection, customer service, delivery options and payment methods are adapted to our customers’ needs and wants. And it is constantly being optimized in terms of trends and demand. ”

Physical stores to let costumers test products

It is also with this experience in focus that SkatePro is working on opening several physical stores. It has always been possible for customers to pick up their parcels at SkatePro’s warehouse in Hinnerup, Denmark, as they would like to test the products before they buy. Many customers far from Hinnerup are also demanding the opportunity to test the products and therefore SkatePro wants to meet this need by opening several physical stores.

Steffen Pasgaard, Vice President at software company EDI-Soft, believes that SkatePro’s customer-focused strategy, particularly in relation to physical stores and delivery options, is of great inspiration.

Delivery, return and offline is essential for customers

Delivery options in online shops are an overlooked element nowadays. A study by American Honeywell shows that up to 48% of consumers in the UK leave online shops due to lack of delivery options.

“Consumers today expect freedom of choice also in terms of delivery options. When the Danish online shop introduced several delivery possibilities, they increased their conversion rate by 25%. It is clearly a sign that customers demand more alternatives in relation to delivery options in online shops, ” Steffen Pasgaard says.

SkatePro’s plans on opening several physical stores to let customers try out products before purchase, is according to Steffen Pasgaard also a wise move: “Click & Collect and omnichannel are trends that put “pure players” such as Amazon, who only offer online sales, under pressure. In return retailers like American Macy’s, who combines offline sales in department stores with online sales, are gaining market share. The offline store becomes a kind of warehouse and showroom for the online shop, where customers are able to try on and not least return items. Good return options are also crucial to a good customer experience.”.