Bad Online Shopping Experiences Affect Customer Loyalty More Than On the High Street


A study published last year by MarketTools, Inc., the leader in software and services for enterprise feedback management (EFM) and market research, showed that providing good customer service is the difference between life and death especially for online retailers. 60 percent of respondents said they shop more often at a particular e-commerce site due to having received good customer service there compared to 50 percent who said they return to high street stores where they have received a good customer experience.

Conversely, 29 percent said they stopped shopping at a specific retail store due to a bad shopping experience, while for nearly a quarter the same applied with online shops. The primary factor for avoiding certain bricks-and-mortar retail stores is unhelpful or unfriendly sales personnel (71 percent), followed by long queues or waiting times (41 percent) and quality issues with merchandise (39 percent).

The main reasons cited for no longer returning to a shopping website were quality issues with the merchandise or damaged merchandise (46 percent), high shipping costs (43 percent) and shipping problems (37 percent). 84 percent of respondents said that they read reviews posted online by other consumers before purchasing a product.

Greg Marek, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at MarketTools, Inc. said: “The retailers who capture and analyze feedback from their customers to understand the drivers of a good shopping experience will reap the rewards this holiday shopping season.”