Best Belgian webshop NewPharma nominated for Entrepreneurial Award


Last week, the best Belgian webshops were awarded during the  10th edition of the BeCommerce Awards on May 21. NewPharma (photo) was chosen as best Belgian webshop in all categories and therefore won the BeCommerce Overall Award. NewPharma will represent Belgium during the European E-commerce Awards on June 9 in Barcelona.

NewPharma was chosen best Belgian webshop for being well-known within Belgium and having gained exquisite results in the past year. Because of being Belgium’s best webshop, NewPharma is also nominated for the most important European e-commerce award: NewPharma is one of the nominees for the Entrepreneurial Award during the European E-commerce Awards! To win this prestigious award, they will have to beat the best webshops from several other countries, e.g.Coolblue (Netherlands), Green Man Gaming (UK), Skatepro (Denmark) and Carnet de Mode (France). For the full lists of nominees, check the Entrepreneurial Award page.

Apart from categories as e.g. Multimedia, Telecom and Shoes, also the best cross-border webshop was chosen. Mrs. Stefanie Ros,  Policy Advisor of Ecommerce Europe, was a member of the Cross Border Award jury and handed the Cross Border Award to winner

European E-commerce Awards

On the first day of the Global E-commerce Summit, NewPharma will be invited to join the European E-commerce Awardshow. There will be awards handed out in three categories:

  1. Entrepreneurial Award, for which NewPharma is nominated. The Entrepreneurial Award will be handed out to the e-commerce actors who have the most innovative, ground-breaking, smart, game-changing operations in Europe.
  2. Omnichannel Award. The winner of the Omnichannel Award is the retailer that has repositioned its business best for the omnichannel world, serving its customers’ needs in every available channel.
  3. Pure Player Award. For this Award, companies that only (or mainly) use a digital retail channel will be nominated.

Want to know more about the European E-commerce Awards, e.g. who will chose the winners? Please visit the European E-commerce Awards webpage.