Boosting trust amongst consumers in Europe: the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, one year after


A year ago, Ecommerce Europe launched the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, which aims at stimulating cross-border e-commerce through better protection for consumers and merchants, by establishing one European set of rules and ensuring clear communication of these rules. The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark is always used alongside a national trustmark scheme.

State of play of the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark

Over the past year, many national associations launched the Pan-European Trustmark. All the e-commerce associations affiliated to Ecommerce Europe participate in the Trustmark. The e-commerce associations in Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Portugal, Denmark and Czech Republic provide the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark and the services of the Trustmark Service Centre for free to all their certified members. The latest country to adopt the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark  has been Portugal, which is now relaunching its national Trustmark (Confio) during the Portugal  Digital Summit  (11-12 October 2016).  This year, Norway, Greece, France and Poland will be added to the list. Currently, more than 10,000 online shops are entitled to the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, as they already carry a national trustmark.

Map Trustmark

How does it work?

The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark works in conjunction with a national Trustmark established by a member of Ecommerce Europe and provides support to retailers trading online, both domestically and cross border. Retailers who sign up to a national Trustmark will receive the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark for free. Trustmark awardees will be subject to an audit to ensure compliance with European consumer law.

The combined Trustmark gives consumers peace of mind by allowing them to read their rights the online trader’s commitments in full. This is essential for boosting trust in e-commerce at the European level. In case of a complaint, the consumer can contact the Trustmark Service Centre.