British Dixons Closes Stores

Dixons is the next big retail chain to note the influence of the web. The British electronics retailer, which also includes Currys and PC World, is going to close a hundred British stores.

How soon this is going to happen is currently unknown, but terminations of employment are certain. Just last year, another fifty stores were closed.

Dixons is the second largest electronics chain in Europe after MediaMarkt Saturn. Half Dixons’ sales are realized in the UK, including at the major airports, but the company is also present in other countries.

The retailer lost 119 million pounds in 2011. CEO James Sebastian would particularly like to return business to the major shopping districts. From one hundred to thirty/forty. The stores that remain have to become “urban toy stores”, where you can get introduced to exciting new technology. Dixons also wants to increase alignment between its bricks and clicks.

The British retailer has had no relationship with the Dixons stores in the Netherlands in years. Dixons and Dynabyte owner Vendex sold to Dexcom a few years back.