Business Partner Article: The Four Corners of Global Payments (by Ingenico ePayments)


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New technologies are constantly changing the way consumers shop and pay online. And where there’s change, there is opportunity! But how do you identify the right opportunities for your online business? Global payment service provider Ingenico ePayments has asked four of their payments experts to share some key insights into the trends and developments that are driving change in their markets.

Did you know that each region around the world differs greatly in terms of electronic payment volumes and methods? For instance, North America accounts for more noncash payments than any other region at about one third of global volumes, while almost half of the world’s internet users are in Asia, propelling eCommerce growth in China that is close to double that of North America!

In ‘ The Four Corners of Global Payments’, Ingenico ePayments explores the key drivers for change in each of the four regions of the globe – EMEA, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America. Download the whitepaper today to learn how these changes could impact your business, and what opportunities they present to grow internationally.

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