Central and Eastern Europe e-commerce survey open for input


The Bulgarian e-Commerce Association (BEA), Ecommerce Europe’s Bulgarian member, participated in the launching of the Central and Eastern Europe e-commerce survey, initiated by Mediapost Hit Mail Bulgaria. 

The goal of the survey is to shed light on the challenges and opportunities for merchants from the region to start selling online and expanding their cross-border activities.  

 Each respondent to the online survey may opt-in to receive the final report for free, which will include a rundown of the results and key insights. Participant companies will thus get valuable data to support them devise their strategy for international growth.  

 The survey is available in the following languages: Bulgarian, Czech, English, German, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian 

 Companies in the scope of the survey are invited to contribute until 30 August. The final report is due for publication by the end of September 2022.   

 About the survey 

 The survey was launched by Mediapost Hit Mail Bulgaria, a specialised agency for direct marketing. In 2009 it was acquired by the French group La Poste. Today Mediapost Hit Mail is offering services for clients in more than 10 markets in the EU, in three main divisions: digital marketing, promotional campaigns, and cross-border ecommerce. The Mediapost Cross-border division helps local ecommerce companies grow their business internationally at scale.  

 Mediapost Hit Mail is a member of the Bulgarian E-commerce Association.