Central European B2C e-commerce turnover grew to over € 106bn in 2014


The Central European B2C e-commerce market established a growth of 12.9%, resulting in online sales of € 106.6bn in 2014. This growth is considerably lower than in the preceding year, when a growth rate of 23.3% was reached. In addition, Central Europe was the slowest-growing B2C e-commerce region within Europe last year.

This is evident from the Central European B2C E-commerce Report that Ecommerce Europe has published in cooperation with the Ecommerce Foundation. In addition, the report is powered by GfK, Global Collect|Ingenico and Asendia.

Within the region, Germany clearly is the largest B2C e-commerce market, with a total turnover of € 71.2bn. As a matter of fact, Germany ranks second in Europe in this regard, only behind the United Kingdom. Switzerland ranks second in Central Europe, with online sales amounting to € 12.7bn, closely followed by Austria with € 11.7bn.

In terms of average spending per online shopper, Austria and Switzerland are clearly above the rest. Their e-shoppers spent an average of € 3,034 and € 2,858, respectively, in 2014. Germans spent € 1,468, while in countries such as the Czech Republic (€ 776), Poland (€ 618) and Hungary (€ 346) consumers spent less than € 1,000 online last year.


The share of B2C e-commerce in the Gross Domestic Country, or eGDP, is a good indicator of the importance of B2C e-commerce within a country or region. With an eGDP of 2.34%, Central Europe ranks third of all European regions. It is interesting to see that this rate has more than doubled since 2009, which demonstrates that e-commerce within the Central European economy is becoming more and more important.

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