Commission invites stakeholders for long term vision


Neelie Kroes, the Commissioner of the Digital Agenda, calls upon business and citizens to share their views on their long term vision. The question is how Europe would look and function in 20 to 40 years’ time. The European Commission has set-up a website – the Futurium – that aims to stimulate its visitors to think about how Europe would and could function in 2050.

For Ecommerce Europe and its members, this is an opportunity to voice your views and opinions on Europe 2050. Below you find an overview of the policy fields this initiative is supposed to have impact on. Especially the section on new economic models, reinventing media and the hyperconnected human are fields that are rapidly evolving and have a significant on online shopping and consumer behavior.

Ecommerce is a rapid developing sector that is changing the face of commerce. The industry grows with double-digit numbers and it acts as a stimulant for overall economic growth. Ecommerce uses a variety of ICT applications which seemed futuristic 20-40 years ago. It is with this mindset that ecommerce stakeholders could think: how can ecommerce develop and what role can it play in 2050. Some questions that one could think of:

  • What business models apply in 2050?
  • In what way do consumers access their goods?
  • What role can technology play? How has the internet evolved?
  • What are the (positive) effects on the environment and well-being of consumers?
  • And so on, and so forth…

Examples of developments that are now taking place and will impact the future are climate change, the role of 3D printing, the role of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), smart technology, an ageing society, social networks. One could compile a list with numerous examples on factors and actors that influence the course of development, and it is widely acknowledged that ecommerce plays a significant part.

The Futurium contains eleven themes: new economic models; cities, villages and communities; pursuing global peace; art, sciences, humanities; re-inventing media; new actors, new polarities; learning; cradle-to-grave, work and play, hyper-connected human; supercentenarian societies, a trans-humanistic era. Some of these are related to ecommerce in a more or less obvious way.

References and Further Reading
A link to the official press release is found here.
For the list of the eleven policy areas – known as the Futurium – please click here.