The Commission presents its work program for 2018


On 24 October, the European Commission published its Work Program 2018 aiming at establishing a strategy to complete and deliver the ten priorities of the Juncker Commission, among which “a connected Digital Single Market”.

The Communication of the Commission echoes the conclusion of the last week’s European Council on the need for a swift adoption of several proposals by the Parliament and the Council, including the proposals on cross-border parcel delivery services, digital contracts, e-Privacy as well as the proposal to prevent unjustified geo-blocking.

Ecommerce Europe supports the Commission’s will to pursue the construction of a real Digital Single Market, but reiterates that EU institutions should strive for achieving a real, connected single market benefiting both merchants and consumers rather than rush the negotiation of legislative proposals that bear the risk of hindering the development of e-commerce in the EU.

In addition to ongoing legislative files, the European Commission will present three new initiatives in 2018, including a Proposal on fairness in platform-to-business relations, an initiative addressing online platform challenges as regards the spreading of fake information, as well as a revision of the Commission guidelines on market analysis and assessment of significant market power in the electronic communications sector.