Confianza Online released its activity report for 2018


Article provided by Confianza Online

Confianza Online, the organization which holds the Trustmark for the Spanish e-commerce market, just released its activity report for 2018.

Confianza Online’s annual report gathers the most outstanding data of the association’s activities in 2018. This year the organization celebrates a period full of great milestones such as the fifteenth anniversary of the company. In this journey, from Confianza Online’s origin in 2003 in the hands of Autocontrol and Adigital until today, the work philosophy has focused on promoting digital transparency so that citizens, companies and consumers continue to trust the Internet.

This important work to push good digital practices is possible thanks to the Trust Mark for websites and the Code of Ethics, the main elements with which Confianza Online manages to generate trust among consumers and promote the online reputation of the companies that are part of the Association. Through the main services of evaluation of the adhered web pages and the system of extrajudicial resolution of claims, Confianza Online promotes the ethical growth of the Ecommerce, a work valued by organisms such as the AEPD -Spanish Agency of Data Protection- and the General Direction of National Consumption, among others. In fact, after the entry into force of regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulations, adherence to codes of conduct, such as the one of Confianza Online, is increasingly valued by both national and European institutions.

In this respect, the regulatory changes that have taken place in 2018 have intensified Confianza Online’s participation in training sessions. Confianza Online has collaborated closely with City Councils such as Gandía, Valencia, Alcalá de Henares, Instituto Vasco de Consumo (Basque Insitution of consumption) and Madrid Chamber of Commerce, providing our knowledge regarding the most common legal doubts when creating digital businesses and explaining the main incidents managed by Ecommerce, as well as their resolution. Another relevant training project is known as “digitalXborder” which offers digital immersion for CEOs. Through digitalXborder, Confianza Online has provided the main keys to promote safe and ethical e-commerce within and outside our borders.

Related to the cross-border area, the end of Geoblocking in the European Union has reinforced the important role played by the “Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, granted in Spain by Confianza Online since 2015 and which has been increasingly requested by companies already members of our Association. The obligation to sell to the entire European Union has expanded business opportunities but always on the basis of transparency and digital reliability to generate trust in a large market.

Thanks to these advances, supports and collaborations, our activity in 2018 translates into good data that reflect a growth in Ecommerce in our country. Last year, Confianza Online has registered a total of 1,756 member entities and 2,229 web pages displaying the Seal, has processed 4,883 consumer complaints, has handled 66,621 queries and has received 1,125,565 visits to the website.

Behind all these numbers that summarize our day to day, communication plays a key role for the association. As a fundamental basis, the information shared in the website and on social media allows the dissemination of Confianza Online’s work, explain regulatory changes through regular news and raise awareness among consumers about the importance of knowing their rights.