Consumer Law Ready: an EU-wide consumer law training programme for SMEs


Consumer Law Ready is a project funded by the European Parliament and the European Commission, managed in cooperation with the European Commission. BEUC (the European Consumer Organisation), in a consortium with  Eurochambres  (The Chamber of commerce in the City of Brussels, Belgium) and UEAPME (the European association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), is running this training project.  Their respective members at national level are also deeply involved to maximize the outreach to the business audience. 

Consumer Law Ready was developed to bring  SMEs up to speed on important aspects of EU consumer law. Specialist training empowers SMEs with know-how to deal with customer complaints, avoid costly litigation and improve overall customer service. This results in increased trust in their businesses.  

The programme  spans  all aspects of SME trading. From pre-contractual information requirements, rights of withdrawal, consumer rights and guarantees in case of non-conform products, unfair commercial practices to alternative dispute resolutions. 

Consumer Law Ready content is designed so trainers can host courses in their own localities, anywhere in Europe. Lessons have been developed in 28 languages and carefully tailored to consumer legislation in the countries of origin.  

To learn more, please have a look at this factsheet. 

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This is a guest article provided by BEUC (the European Consumer Organisation).