Digital Quality Mark: a new competition dedicated to e-commerce



This article has been provided by Ecommerce Europe’s National Association:   The Chamber of Digital Economy   (Poland)

Digital Quality Mark is a new competition dedicated to e-commerce. It will verify the quality and effectiveness of AI/SaaS solutions in all areas of digital commerce. By organising it, the Chamber of Digital Economy is responding to the needs of online stores widely voicing problems with the fast and reliable verification of AI solutions available on the market. The new competition format will identify AI tools that bring about tangible business growth. 

 The architecture of the Digital Quality Mark competition, DQM, is built to allow the jury to engage in interaction with the contestants even at the voting stage – in the shape of pitching. In this way, the full democratisation of the evaluation process corresponds to the democratisation of technology itself – to participation in its creation and accessibility. “Our goal is to, in addition to maintaining these parameters, promote the quality of the solutions themselves” – specifies Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, President of the e-Chamber. At the same time, the organiser provides a double audit during the real-time of the competition. DQM is the result of numerous requests for recommendations concerning reliable and valuable business partners. “Only such services and technologies make a significant impact on the development of e-commerce stores and their business results. We want to point them out to those who are interested,” adds President Sass-Staniszewska.

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Pitching and double auditing

Based on the experience of organising many other e-commerce competitions, the e-Chamber is broadening and enriching the verification of entries. DQM was therefore divided into phases:

  1. The presentation included in the entry, the online voting, and the audit of this stage whereby nominees are selected to deliver a live presentation of the effectiveness and advantages of a given AI/SaaS solution.
  2. Pitching in front of the jury – the “live” formula involves interaction with the jury members, who will ask follow-up questions about the business model.

Here, the participants have the chance to familiarise 20 brands with their B2B/B2C solution, belonging to one of the following categories:

  • SaaS e-commerce
  • SaaS sales
  • SaaS marketing
  • AI tools
  • Agency
  1. Second audit.
  2. Final pitch – selecting the winners of places 3,2, and 1 finalises the list of quality solutions for the entire e-commerce industry.

For the final, instead of a gala ceremony, the e-Chamber proposes the pitching format involving the announcement of the results and networking with the jury members and DQM participants. This corresponds to the expectations of the business domain, which is looking as much for new contacts and constructive feedback, as it is for the opportunity to present its brand in different ways to a wide audience.

Without AI-washing

The competition as a whole and its procedure stand out by a formula that takes the needs of e-commerce stores into account. It provides access to and reliable verification of valuable know-how and even immediate translation into economies of scale. “It’s a recipe with a dual effect. On the one hand, we show technology companies that can be a booster for e-commerce, and on the other hand – we give agencies in the e-commerce environment valuable clues as to what the business needs.” elaborates Paulina Wojczyńska, Project Director at the e-Chamber and Head of DQM. In this way, the competition recognises reliable agencies at the forefront of the digital transformation of Polish business, which is also the e-Chamber’s mission.

Over the course of the DQM competition

  • E-store decision-makers gain the ability to thoroughly and quickly review dozens of AI/SaaS solutions for e-commerce, and access a list of companies and solutions that industry experts believe are worthy of consideration.
  • Representatives of agencies and makers of AI/SaaS solutions obtain the opportunity to present their tools in front of 20 potential clients.
  • The jury selects not one winner per category, but the entire podium – places 3, 2, and 1.
  • The logos of all winners will appear in the first issue of “E-Commerce w Praktyce” (E-Commerce in Practice) in 2024.
  • The e-Chamber guarantees business networking opportunities and constructive “client – technological solution” feedback as a key feature and one of the most important aspects of DQM.

We look forward to receiving your entries. Launch – October 26, 2023. Entries are to be submitted by November 20, 2023.


DQM Terms:

International Partners: Ecommerce Europe

Important information

The jury (Evaluation Committee) comprises e-commerce industry experts and represents the complementarity of services and technologies for the digital economy. It is about owners, CEOs, e-commerce directors, marketing directors, sales directors, and other decision-makers responsible for digital business, the implementation of new technologies, or omnichannel solutions. Many of the experts are the best e-commerce directors in the country – winners of the e-Chamber’s e-Commerce Director of the Year competition. The diversity of the jury allows for a sound assessment of the solutions submitted to DQM.

The Evaluation Committee members are:

  • Ola Szol, e-Commerce and Marketing Director at MODIVO S.A./ E-Commerce Director of the Year 2022 for the Fashion category
  • Łukasz Kierus, CEO, Glosel
  • Joanna Kwiatkowska, Vice CEO & Co-founder at Kubota. E-Commerce Director of the Year 2023 for the Fashion category.
  • Jakub Jasiński, CEO
  • Piotr Truszkowski, Head of Allegro Business
  • Tomasz Osmann, CEO Savicki
  • Piotr Chojnacki, Sales Director, YES
  • Aleksandra Tomalska, Retail Director, MODIVO
  • Marcin Łachajczyk, Managing Director, CENEO, e-Commerce Director of the Year 2023 in Long Term Cooperation category.
  • Grzegorz Bosowski CEO,
  • Grzegorz Basta, CEO Sortmund
  • Maciej Stępień, e-Commerce Director, MEDICINE
  • Maciej Jakubowski, Chief Technology Officer, Empik S.A.
  • Maciej Kasprzak, General Director, Business Line Online Games, Totalizator Sportowy
  • Bartosz Bielak, Board Member CFO/COO, Orlen Paczka
  • Piech Łukasz, e-Commerce Director, Lantre. Grand Prix’23 Winner in e-Commerce Director of the Year
  • Mateusz Kurowski, e-Commerce sales manager, mBank
  • Dorota Bachman, Co-owner
  • Krzysztof Rogalny, Development & Technology Director, TIM S.A.
  • Karol Dziarnowski, Managing Director, AiK TEZEUSZ
  • Justyna Skorupska, e-Commerce B2B expert