Digital Strategy discussed by European leaders: e-commerce is amongst top priorities!


The Digital Single Market strategy, presented by the European Commission in May, was a hot topic in the last European Council meeting, which gathered all European Head of State and Government last week. Many e-commerce related topics were discussed during the talks, as one of the three main pillars of the strategy is to ensure better online access to digital goods and services. The European leaders gave their endorsement to the Commission’s plans to build a Digital Single Market.

Data protection reform needs to be completed by end 2015

Ecommerce Europe agrees with the European Council that the Data Protection package must be adopted by the end of this year. Ecommerce Europe fully supports the harmonization of data protection legislation and welcomes the recent agreement reached by the Council on the text. However, Ecommerce Europe believes that there is still room for improvement and proposed recommendations to EU policy makers for a more balanced regulation,protecting the consumer without creating too many burdens for the online shops.

Tackling remaining barriers in e-commerce

The European leaders discussed also about obstacles to the free circulation of goods and services sold on-line and there was consensus amongst them that action must be taken to remove remaining barriers, especially for sales made abroad. Ecommerce Europe has been long advocating for tackling such barriers, and also provided EU policy makers with figures and concrete examples of what is hampering the growth of cross-border e-commerce in Europe, such as differing legal frameworks, burdensome VAT rules and long delivery times.

Next steps

Ecommerce Europe is ready to put the Digital Single Market into action and ensures that the incoming initiative will benefit the e-commerce sector. Ecommerce Europe believes in the need of cooperate with EU regulators, the industry and consumer associations to increase further growth in e-commerce and make cross-border online purchasing simpler and easier for both consumers and traders.

To know more about Ecommerce Europe’s recommendations, you can download the Ecommerce Europe’s Priority Paper here.