Digital transformation in the EU Budget 2021 – 2027


In a world that is growing more digital by the minute the new proposed Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 aims to tackle the digital challenges Europe is currently facing. From artificial intelligence and promotion of digital skills to the fight against cyber crime and cyber attacks, the future long-term budget of the EU is poised to transform Europe’s economy and society.

A new Digital Europe programme with a budget of €9.2 billion will finance investments in artificial intelligence, supercomputing capacity, training in digital technologies for students and technology experts, very high capacity digital networks as well as strengthening cybersecurity.

Furthermore, the Connecting Europe Facility will boost investments in cross-border infrastructure in the transport, energy and digital sector. With a budget of €3 billion, it will help spread free WiFi coverage across the EU and spur development of smart energy grids thus ensuring greater security of supply. In addition, the aim is to create a connected and environmentally friendly transport network.

The European Commission’s goal is to help businesses take full advantage of the digital age by ensuring that they have access to infrastructure and know-how on artificial intelligence. The goal is to increase Europe’s super-computing capacity, an area where Europe is lagging behind other economic rivals. Last but not least, Europe needs to boost the digital skills of Europeans. Therefore, the future EU budget aims to turn these goals into a reality.