Do you want my personal data? Ask me for consent!


… that is the principle of the draft report by Member of European Parliament (MEP) Jan Philipp Albrecht(Germany, Greens-EFA). He presented his draft report on the General Data Protection Regulation on 10 January 2013 to the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE).

Web-based companies exploiting users’ personal data (for advertising for example), will have to obtain their consent. “Users have to be informed about what will be done with their data and be in a position either to accept such use or refuse it,” the MEP stated.

The right to be forgotten
Albrecht also emphasized the importance of the right to be forgotten on the Internet as well. He wants to enable online users to demand the deletion and correction of their data. If one has agreed to the publication of its personal data though, “the right to be forgotten is never legitimate or realistic” the rapporteur stated. He makes another exception for the freedom of expression too, particularly in protecting the press.

The EU rules will have to apply regardless the location of the company’s seat. Companies will also have to protect European citizens whose data are getting managed abroad by companies not established in the EU.