Dutch consumers spent nearly € 14 billion online in 2014


Dutch consumers (15 years and older) jointly spent € 13.96 billion online in 2014. Of this amount, € 7.02 billion was spent on products and € 6.94 billion on services. This is shown by figurers from the Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor (TMM), a study into online consumer spending in the Netherlands. The TMM is carried out by GfK and powered by PostNL. Thuiswinkel.org, the national association representing 2100 online shops in the Netherlands and member of Ecommerce Europe, commissioned the TMM.

Partly due to holiday season, the fourth quarter of 2014 showed a peak in the real online spending by Dutch consumers. During these final three months of the year, the Dutch spent no less than € 4.16 billion online, divided over 36.67 million purchases. In total, 127.36 million purchases were made through the Internet in 2014, representing 5% of all purchases within the entire Dutch market.

Wijnand Jongen, member of Ecommerce Europe’s Executive Committee: “The growth of online spending amounted to 8.4% in the Netherlands in 2014. The main reason for this was the growth in spending in the second half of the year, which amounted to 11.9%. This represented the strongest growth in the second half of a year of the past five years. With this, there appears to be an upward trend as consumers are making more online purchases than ever before.”

Cross-border purchases represented 3% of online spending in 2014

In 2014, 20% of the Dutch population made one or more cross-border purchases, which are taken to mean online purchases through websites that do not use the Dutch language. This group of cross-border e-shoppers spent an estimated total of € 390 million on online purchases abroad. As a result, cross-border e-commerce represented 3% of the total online spending last year. The most popular cross-border market segments were Plane Tickets and Accommodations (€ 132 million), IT (€ 42 million) and Clothing (€31 million). Especially Chinese and German online shops were popular among Dutch consumers, with 23% of the cross-border e-commerce turnover being spent in China and 18% in Germany.

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