E-commerce among main priorities of the Luxembourg Presidency!


Luxembourg has recently taken over the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union from Latvia and presented its priorities for the next six months. Ecommerce Europe is glad to notice that cross-border e-commerce is one of the priorities of the new presidency. During the next months, Luxembourg will lead the European Ministers involved in many legislative dossiers related to the online sale sector.

Reduce administrative burdens for online companies

Ecommerce Europe welcomes the Presidency’s objectives to ensure a single market-friendly regulatory framework, a better functioning of the principle of mutual recognition as a more normal complement to harmonization and to further develop the Single Market for goods and services. The legislative work of the European Ministers is supposed to lead to the removal of barriers to cross-border trade and the reduction of administrative burdens for European companies, and the improvement of consumers’ access to tangible goods and services online and offline.

The Presidency looks forward to the first proposals of Digital Single Market strategy

The Luxembourg Presidency is eager to start working on the first concrete initiatives announced in the Digital Single Market strategy presented by the European Commission in May 2015, in particular the initiative for simpler cross-border contract rules for the online sale of products and digital content, which is expected to come among the first ones in 2015. Ecommerce Europe fully supports this initiative and is now in the process of answering the related Commission’s public consultation on online purchases. The Presidency will work to remove barriers to cross-border e-commerce in order to enable “European companies to become real digital champions capable of competing on a global scale”, declared the Prime Minister and Minister for Communications and Media of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel.

The importance of finalizing the Data protection reform

The Presidency expressed its intention to try to conclude an agreement with the European Parliament on the Data protection reform before the end of the year. Policy makers involved in informal discussion (trialogues) on data protection have set themselves an ambitious deadline, the Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting in October. Ecommerce Europe fully supports the harmonization of European data protection legislation, however any new or updated legislation should be implemented without creating unreasonable costs and/or administrative burdens for online merchants, and especially for smaller ones.

Next steps

Ecommerce Europe is eager to start to cooperate with the Luxembourg Presidency and will stay closely in contact with policy makers in order to ensure that the incoming legislative initiatives will make cross-border online sales simpler and easier for both consumers and traders.

To read more in detail Ecommerce Europe’s recommendations for facilitating cross-border e-commerce in Europe, you can download Ecommerce Europe’s Priority Paper here.