E-commerce executives discuss priorities with new European Commission and European Parliament


On occasion of the recent changes in powers at the EU Institutions, Ecommerce Europe’s Board of Directors met with various high level representatives of the new European Commission and members of the European Parliament. The e-commerce executives and the policy makers discussed the policy priorities for further developing cross-border e-commerce in Europe and new ways of collaborating on this. The Board of Directors is composed by Presidents of national e-commerce associations and CEO’s or high level managing directors of e-commerce businesses.

Ecommerce Europe Trustmark logo revealed
All participants in the dinner received the Ecommerce Europe “stamp of approval”, which presents the logo of the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark. The eye-catching label (as represented below) immediately informs consumers that a web shop complies with all European and national legal requirements, as well as Ecommerce Europe’s best practices. Ecommerce Europe is now in the last development phase of its non-profit, pan-European Trustmark scheme, and online merchants can be expected to join from Q1 2015 onwards.

Better regulation: A new way forward
One of the main themes of conversation was Ecommerce Europe’s vision of “better regulation”, which does not only mean less regulation, but also ensuring that every European citizen and business can count on the same rules. Until now, the cross-border e-commerce market has been blocked by uncoordinated e-commerce policy, implemented in Member States in different ways. New Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker however seems to share Ecommerce Europe’s view on the need for better coordinated and more coherent policy. The Board of Directors and the policy makers present at the event consequently discussed new ways of collaboration to establish this better regulation.

Future trends in the e-commerce market
Ecommerce Europe also presented the audience the latest facts and figures and future trends in the e-commerce market. Through its Business-to-Consumers Research Reports the association wants to share its knowledge with all the relevant stakeholders, such as online merchants and policy makers. The in-depth research on consumer and merchant behavior in all European regions has provided a valuable source of information to the European Institutions for years, and Ecommerce Europe wants to continue to be the one-stop-shop for all e-commerce related matters. Please find the link to the newest research reports here.