E-commerce in Italy generates an economic impact of over 133 billion €


Netcomm, Ecommerce Europe’s Italian national association member, recently presented a study conducted in collaboration with Althesys focusing on the value that e-commerce creates for Italy. The presentation took place in Rome at the end of May at a conference on the “European Elections and Digital Commerce – Future scenarios and prospects for Italy and Europe’s competitiveness”, where Ecommerce Europe’s Secretary General, Luca Cassetti, had the opportunity to present the Manifesto of the association for the EU Elections and next mandate, with the priorities and key asks of the sector.  

Main findings of the study

The Netcomm-Althesys study showed that e-commerce generated a shared value of over 133 billion € in Italy in 2022, equivalent to 7% of the GDP, marking a 13.9% increase from the previous year, aligning with overall revenue growth. The sector creates 1.6 million jobs (+12.4% compared to 2021), representing 6.4% of Italy’s workforce, with 35 billion euros in gross wages within the industry (+13.2% from 2021).  

This generated wealth allows the Italian State to invest 49.6 billion € in public services and infrastructure, enhancing societal well-being and supporting the country’s economic development with 37% of the total value generated, corresponding to 9.1% of 2022 tax revenues. 

Currently, 4.7% of the total turnover of Italian companies is recorded through the e-commerce channel. Although this percentage is growing (in 2015, it was at 2.6%), the potential for development in this sector is still very large. Netcomm stressed that the level of digitalisation of Italian companies is still insufficient, and there is a strong need for measures to support them, especially in expanding cross-border.  

You can find more information on the study on Netcomm’s website here.