e-Commerce Polska Awards 2013


The first edition of the “e-Commerce Polska Awards 2013” organized by e-Commerce Polska was launched last week. The competition is open to webshops and applications will be collected until 13 September. e-Commerce Polska recently joined Ecommerce Europe as 10th national association.

Wijnand Jongen Vice-President of Ecommerce Europe will be one of the jury members.

Branding and sales service.
e-Commerce Polska awards 2013” aims to identify and reward the best companies selling online. The contest is divided into two main categories: branding and sales service.

Branding category will be divided into four subcategories. The Discovery of the year award will be the prize for the best webshop, which was opened in 2012. The award for Success of the year will be given for an one-time event or achievement in the area of e-commerce, which had the greatest impact in e-commerce. The Innovation of the year award will be a prize for both programming and innovation in organizing, and the Campaign of the year award will be given for best promotional campaign of an webshop.

Category Sales
There will be three subcategories in the sales category. The award for Website of the year will be granted for design and functionality. For the most intuitive website the award Friendly website will be granted. The last award will be given forOvercoming mistrust, what means finding the best solution to breaking mistrust of customers who cannot see the product in person.

Best customer service
Evaluation of online shops is also classified according to their size, small webshops will be evaluated separately from medium and large ones. An additional award will be given for the Best customer service.

‘The competition aims to identify the best-performing webshops in the market and highlight them. This way, we want to stimulate e-commerce to boost competitiveness, to raise the quality of e-services’, says Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, Director of e-Commerce Poland.

On September 27 the jury will announce the nominees in each category of the Competition. Presentation of awards to the winners’ of the e-Commerce Polska awards 2013 will be held during a gala November 7th, 2013.