E-commerce Summit Barcelona 2018: Some information on how to participate


The E-commerce Summit, that will take place on 25 and 26 of June 2018 in Barcelona, is an exclusive, invitation-only conference for retailers and brands. In the luxurious ambiance of the five-star Hotel Arts in Barcelona, retailers and brands will have a chance to exchange their knowledge and network with potential business partners.

This year’s theme is growth, focusing on new areas of growth and competition challenges. The program is divided into four verticals: Consumer Electronics, Home & Living, Fashion & Lifestyle and Food & Care. It will feature unique content with non-commercial business cases, high-level keynote speakers and tailor-made one-to-one meetings. Ultimately, the conference will give brands and retailers new insights on how to grow their business based on real cases and examples covering both what and how to do it.

In addition, participants can take the most out of this experience by logging into the MeetToMatch online application. It is an easy to use platform, with an assigned personal matchmaker, that will help match potential business partners who can meet right at the conference venue. Joining is free of charge and subject to acceptance criteria.

Brands and retailers with revenue of more than €10 million, operating in one of the four verticals and that will be represented by a member of senior management or e-commerce manager can request to join. For more information and a full conference program please follow this link.

If you are interested in attending the E-commerce Summit 2018, please send an e-mail to Peter van Balsfoort from BBP Media at p.vanbalsfoort@bbp.nl to check if you can attend the Summit for free and for any other information.