E-commerce Trends from 2014 to 2015


It’s been a busy year for e-commerce. This is our summary of how e-commerce developed during the last year and its main trends for 2015. You can download it from slideshare here and check the real Game Changers in e-business!



  • From the customer’s perspective, there is only a single, technology-enabled channel  that brings together all touchpoints

Flexible Delivery:

  • Next-day delivery and rapid in-store pickup will rock in 2015
  • Returns are critical to the ongoing user experience

Shopping Malls:

  • mobile optimized shopping experience
  • hybrid experiences in their physical stores to accommodate mobile shoppers


  • Businesses will be able to rapidly update consumers on price changes, promotions, etc.
  • The link between eCommerce and the physical world

Social commerce is evolving to meet companies’ needs:

  • Facebook dominates as a source of social media traffic and sales
  • Community style sites like Polyvore, Instagram can generate high average order value


  • About 15% of purchases in Starbucks U.S. happen via mobile apps
  • Digital currencies such as Bitcoin will continue to gain traction next year
  • Apple equips iPhone 6 with an e-wallet

Digital Content:

  • Content Marketing growing bigger than ever

Mobile Commerce:

  • Mobile traffic will continue to rise
  • Mobile users watch a lot of video
  • Global mobile transactions are averaging 42% annual growth

Own brands:

  • Amazon’s own line of diapers
  • Zalando brand awareness
  • Netflix is moving away from buying content

B2C e-commerce sales worldwide:

  • e-Commerce sales worldwide will reach $1.7 trillion in 2015
  • Asia-Pacific is the leading region for  eCommerce sales in 2015 and represents 33.4% of the total
  • The worldwide leaders in B2C eCommerce export
  • Cross-border B2C eCommerce thrives in Europe

E-Commerce startups to watch:

  • Wish
  • Casper
  • Instacar

B2B buyers want useful services:

  • B2B buyers want useful services to support their shopping journey
  • They expect the next-day delivery or an estimated time of product arrival
  • B2B buyers are demanding omnichannel capabilities when making work-related purchases

Trends to watch:

  • Beacon technology
  • Speech recognition
  • Machine learning services
  • 3D printing
  • New business models
  • New customer acquisition models

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