Eastern Europe is developing at different paces


B2C e-commerce is developing at different paces in Eastern Europe. In various countries it is still in its infancy. In 2012 the e-commerce turnover of the emerging e-commerce economies of Russia, Bulgaria, Romania and other nations had a total amount of €13.4 bn, a growth of 32.6% compared to 2011.

Online retail in Eastern Europe is on a course for growth, with most countries increasing their online sales between 20 and 45 percent annually. Leading country and in terms of population the most promising e-commerce market in Eastern Europe is Russia, with a growth of 33%.
An increase in both internet users and online shoppers can be observed in the whole Eastern European region, but the individual markets display strong differences. In terms of internet access in Eastern Europe there are still significant disparities in broadband take-up by households such as in Bulgaria and Romania. The proportion of households with broadband connections in these countries doubled between 2010 and 2012 which shows an impressive growth in internet access development.

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