Ebay and Walmart to Build Search Engines to Compete Against Amazon

According to an article on the stockmarketdigital.com website, eBay is to team up with Walmart to develop web search engines in a bid to head off competition from Amazon in the e-commerce market. The new search technology will focus on groups of words (colocations) that are used by people when describing products rather than matching queries to the exact wordings used in product listings.

The approach stems from the realisation that as more people shop online, they often end up at the top of the website typing in a product name. If this approach does not result in them being able to find what they want quickly, they are likely to go to a competitor website or venture into a physical store.

EBay’s venture into the world of search engine technology is not new: the company poached several engineers from Microsoft Corp’s Bing search unit to develop their new search engine Cassini, to be rolled out next year; while Walmart has also recently launched its own search engine on its own website.

Scot Wingo, CEO of Channel Advisor said, “Amazon is on version 8.0 of search. Ebay is 2.0, but they are thinking about how they make this huge leap to 3.0”.