Ecommerce a priority in EU Single Market Month


Between 23 September and 23 October, the European Union is organizing the Single Market Month. The addressed core issue in this period is how to bring down barriers and to simplify rules. Empowering individuals, consumers and businesses is the main aim. E-commerce is a central theme during the Single Market Month, next to jobs, social rights and banks.

In practice this means that stakeholders – such as Ecommerce Europe – will have the opportunity to express their views on issues related to e-commerce. Examples of existing barriers mentioned on the Single Market Month website are VAT, consumer protection, data protection, cross-border payment systems and parcel deliveries. One way to express one’s viewpoints is through online chats with policymakers, such as Michel Barnier (Commissioner for DG MARKT on internal market affairs), Laszlo Andor (Commissioner for DG EMPL on employment affairs) and Bernadette Ségol (Secretary General, European Trade Union Confederation). The Single Market Month website also offers the possibility to submit ideas, which can then be shared, commented and voted on.

The e-commerce sector will be highlighted during the final week: from 14 to 16 October.

You can find more information of the EU Single Market Month here.