Ecommerce Awards presents: Multichannel Award


In the world of e-commerce the players are changing. Well-established retailers and brands are really starting to focus on the online/mobile channel without neglecting their stores. They are developing a multichannel strategy where it is the consumer that is dominant, not the channel. A big challenge but clearly the best way to survive and grow in the coming decades. There is not one single multichannel model, neither in marketing and sales nor in terms of the process. Every company has it own DNA and tries to connect that to its customers in a multichannel world.

“Who is doing a good job?”

That is the question for the Multichannel Award. The professional jury, consisting of online retail experts, will assemble a Top 10 of Multichannel Retailers. This Top 10 will be benchmarked through mystery shopper activities across the different channels by GfK. The 5 best according to benchmarking and mystery shopping*, will be our nominees! They will be evaluated against a model known as ‘ShopExperience’*, with checks carried out against more than 300 different dimensions and prioritisation by a GfK consumer panel. These 5 nominees will be invited to come to the Global E-commerce Summit and their ShopExperience Report will be judged by the professional jury who will announce who wins the bronze, silver and gold awards on the night of the 3rd of June during the European E-commerce Award ceremony.

The Multichannel Top 10 is (in random order)!
John Lewis
House of Fraser
Marks & Spencer

European E-commerce Awards 2013
On the 3rd of June 2013, as a part of the Global E-commerce Summit, the 3rd edition of the European E-commerce Awards will take place. Then we will find out who wins bronze, silver and gold in the 3 different awards.

We would like to welcome all guests of the Global E-commerce Summit at 20h00 at a beautiful location that will be announced soon.

The organisers will organise transport from the hotel to the location. This will also be announced soon.

*The GfK ShopExperience is a quality assessment service that benchmarks the e-commerce performance of on-line and multichannel retailers in an entirely objective and structured way.The GfK ShopExperience method measures the webshop performance across the 5 steps in the customer journey from orientation to fulfillment along 29 dimensions. The performance of each company’s webshop is evaluated against the 180+ international benchmarks that represent global best practices.
The evaluation is carried out by a group of experienced shop auditors within GfK. The output of the methods consists in a scoring of the webshop performance from 1 to 10 overall as well as for each of the 29 dimensions along the customer journey.
The Shopexperience method is developed by Arjen Bonsing and operated and marketed by GfK.

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