Ecommerce Europe announces first speakers Annual Conference


Ecommerce Europe is glad to announce Member of European Parliament Ramon Tremosa i Balcells is one of the speakers during the Annual Conference 2015. During the Annual Conference, Mr. Tremosa i Balcells and many other inspirational speakers will discuss and try to look for solutions for the main question ‘How to prepare Europe for the future of e-commerce?’. The Annual Conference is held on June 8 in Hotel Arts, Barcelona.

Prepare Europe for the future of e-commerce: survey barriers to growth

The Conference will kick off with a plenary session, where Jorij Abraham, Director Research & Advice at Ecommerce Europe, will present the findings of the ‘Barriers to Growth’ survey. This survey was conducted among the 25.000 webshops Ecommerce represents and will reveal the biggest barriers online merchants in Europe face on a daily basis.

After Mr. Abraham’s introduction, the following speakers, who are part of a panel of European policy makers, merchants and consumer representatives, will reflect on the outcomes of the ‘Barriers to Growth’ report: Ramon Tremosa i Balcells (Member of European Parliament), Monique Goyens (Director General of the European Consumers’ Organisation) and Claire Bury(Director Internal Market and Services, DG Grow, European Commission).

Please check the website for more information about the speakers and the program of the Annual Conference.

Free tickets Business Partners and Company Members

Apart from the ‘Barriers to Growth’ survey, the Annual Conference offers many interesting topics and speakers, as well as interesting visitors. Do you want to be one of these visitors? Company members of Ecommerce Europe receive one free ticket (value €1.490) for the Annual Conference and the Global E-commerce Summit and Business Partners of Ecommerce Europe even receive two free tickets (value €2.980,-). Are you not aBusiness Partner or a Company Member? Buy your tickets now!

For more information, check the Annual Conference 2015 website.