Ecommerce Europe attended the GDPR launch event organized by the European Commission


In a context of growing awareness about the value and use of personal data worldwide, the European Union celebrated on 25 May the entry into application of the General Data Protection Regulation.

In this occasion, Ecommerce Europe joined representatives of civil societies, companies, academics and regulators for an event organized by the European Commission to discuss the new rules,  new challenges and opportunities brought by the GDPR, but also what is left to do – particularly at national level.

European Commissioner Věra Jourová highlighted the tasks ahead for the Commission, the European Data Protection Board and the Data Protection Authorities. The questions of resources and lack of awareness among businesses and citizens are indeed still open and will require to maintain the dialogue between stakeholders.

Through different panel discussions, speakers explored the new rights granted for citizens, but also the relation between the new Regulation and innovation and the GDPR in a global context.

According to the panelists from the business side, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation has been a considerable investment. However, it has been highlighted that this investment also brought new perspectives on the management of data, an added value in terms of consumer trust and new opportunities.

Concern was expressed on the impact of the new rules on innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The uptake of AI technologies will be critical in terms of competition in the global market, yet the GDPR will likely be costly for firms developing these technologies and those relying on them and will complicate the collection of data.

Are you still in the process of complying with the new data protection rules? If you need additional information about GDPR you can:

  1. Visit the   European Commission’s online guidance on data protection reform  – available in all EU languages:
  1. Consult your   national Data Protection Authority.

This factsheet is the latest in a series of guidance document created by the European Commission, that you can find on its   GDPR webpage.

Ecommerce Europe’s National Associations are also working hard to inform all their members about the obligations of the GDPR. Click on the links below to access some of the documents that our members published on GDPR:

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  3. Händlerbund (Germany) GDPR Handbook
  4. FDIH (Denmark)   Guide    &   Video    (only for FDIH members)