Ecommerce Europe Business Partners discuss e-Logistics


In the run-up to the release of the European Commission’s Digital Single Market strategy, which will also include initiatives on parcel delivery, Ecommerce Europe gathered its business partners together to discuss its priorities in e-Logistics.

A need for integrated European solutions

Ecommerce Europe is in the process of finalizing its new position paper “e-Logistics: A need for integrated European solutions”. The paper is drafted upon input from logistics experts from national associations and logistics directors of company members – gathered in expert groups – and through a pan-European survey. In a meeting last week, chaired by the Chair of the e-Logistics Expert Group Stéphane Tomczak, Ecommerce Europe now informed its business partners on the position of online merchants on e-logistics. By remaining in constant dialogue with its business partners, the suppliers of the e-commerce industry, Ecommerce Europe consistently works on industry-wide solutions.

Ecommerce Europe e-Logistics platform

One of the topics discussed during the meeting is an Ecommerce Europe’s initiative to bring more competition and transparency in the European parcel delivery market. Ecommerce Europe is in the process of developing a web platform which will bring online merchants and delivery service providers together to provide better information on cross-border delivery. Ecommerce Europe’s business partners have been informed of the next steps in the process, and have given their feedback on usability as suppliers will have to work with the platform as well.

Next steps

Ecommerce Europe will publish its new position paper on e-logistics tomorrow. The European Commission will launch its Digital Single Market strategy including possible initiatives on the parcel delivery market on 6 May. Ecommerce Europe remains in close contact with the policy makers to ensure the interests of online merchants are taken into account in the process. If you would like to receive more information on Ecommerce Europe’s activities on e-Logistics, please contact Team Brussels.

As from tomorrow, you can download the new e-logistics position paper on this page.