Ecommerce Europe confirms more speakers for the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference 30 May 2016


With this year’s Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference less than a month away, we are busy preparing Europe’s leading platform of e-commerce focused on information sharing, policy shaping and networking. As the voice of the e-commerce sector, Ecommerce Europe is delighted to welcome online merchants, stakeholders and policy makers to discuss the issues faced by merchants on a daily basis and how policy can address issues such as geo-blocking, payment security and smart e-logistics.

This year’s event takes place on May 30 at the CCIB, Barcelona and will be part of the Global Ecommerce Summit (May 29 – June 1) under the theme “Shaping the future of digital commerce”.

How can Europe ensure its place in the future digital economy and foster cross-border e-commerce? These key questions will be at the heart of the day’s debate. In three theme sessions on e-Regulations, e-Payments and e-Logistics policymakers and industry leaders will analyze and debate the most pressing concerns of the European e-commerce sector.

Ecommerce Europe is pleased to announce further speakers for the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference

Claire Bury Claire Bury
Deputy Director General, DG CONNECT, European CommissionClaire Bury is currently Deputy Director General in DG CONNECT with responsibility for regulatory aspects of the Digital Single Market. She was previously Director of Modernisation of the Single Market in Directorate General Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs. Before that, she was Head of Unit for Company Law, Corporate Governance and Financial Crime in Directorate General Internal Market and Services, and Deputy Head of Cabinet to Internal Market Commissioners Charlie McCreevy and Frits Bolkestein. An English barrister by training, she worked in the Commission’s Legal Service and, before coming to Brussels, in the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Claire will join the e-Regulations session as a panelist at the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference.

Franck Boniface Franck Boniface
Executive Vice President, Vestiaire CollectiveFranck joined Vestiaire Collective in 2012 as Executive Vice President in charge of Finance, Human Resources, Payment systems, Business Intelligence and Legal.
Prior to Vestiaire Collective, Franck Boniface contributed for 3 years to building from scratch a content distribution platform “ M-Go”, a Joint Venture between Dreamworks Animation & Technicolor, from initial strategic positioning and deal structuring to developing the business toward a hundred people organization, which was sold to NBC Universal in early 2016.
In 2005, he joined Technicolor to serve as global head of Internal Control to drive more especially the compliance toward SEC regulations that was successfully completed in 2007. He was then appointed Vice President Finance of Technicolor Service Division for 2 years in Los Angeles, working primarily for major studios. 
In 1999, he started his career in the chartered accounting family business, and then decided to join Ernst & Young focusing mostly on technology companies doing both audit and transaction services assignments as an associate and then manager. 
He earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Hertfordshire University (UK) and a master’s degree from the IPAG Business School (France). He is a certified French chartered accountant and attended an executive education program from Harvard Business School.

Franck will join the e-payments session as a speaker and panelist at the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference.

Paul Edwick Paul Edwick
CEO of LucyLocket
Paul heads the family business of, a 20-year-old business that designs its own products for the kids gift market. With a focus on girls’ items, the Lucy Locket range covers dress-up and costumes, bedroom decorations, stationery and so on.
In the early part of its life, Lucy Locket supplied high-end retailers on a wholesale basis, but for the last 4 years the business has been changing to a B2C model with a presence in 5 European countries. Always involved in the retail aspect, Paul Edwick has been leading LucyLocket’s transition to the B2C format. Adjusting products to local tastes, taking on different cultures and customs as well as languages to localize the business’ approach to each market is a key part of what drives him. As CEO of an SME, Paul is no stranger to the challenges of keeping up with regulatory and reporting requirements – with just 9 employees (4 part-time), Lucy Locket will soon be filing nearly 100 VAT Returns in Europe each year alone.
Paul Edwick qualified as a Charted Accountant many years ago. His main interests are in ecommerce, and through Lucy Locket, he is active in Ecommerce Europe and a member of EtailCore.Paul will join the e-Regulations session as a panelist at the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference.
Paul Alfing Paul Alfing
Chairman of the e-Payments committee of Ecommerce EuropePaul Alfing MA is chairman of the e-Payments committee of Ecommerce Europe, the Brussels-based association representing 25.000+ companies selling products and/or services online to consumers in Europe and for Ecommerce Europe technical expert in the Euro Retail Payments Board. Next to this, Paul is a policy advisor for Payments at, the association for the B2C e-commerce industry in The Netherlands. In this role, Alfing is secretary of the working committee payments of

Paul will join the e-Payments session as a speaker and panelist at the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference.