Ecommerce Europe contributed to the European Central Bank 2nd Eurosystem E-commerce Payments Forum


On 1 October, Ecommerce Europe  had the opportunity to share its perspective on the major trends and challenges shaping the e-commerce sector  during the European Central Bank  2nd  Eurosystem E-commerce Payments Forum in Frankfurt.  

After a first  Eurosystem  Ecommerce payments forum  in 2015, the ECB invited once again  representatives from both the supply and demand side  to  continue the dialogue  on  opportunities for, as well as barriers to, the integration of a pan-European e-commerce payments market – with special attention to cross-border payments. Participants exchanged views on  current market developments and changes to the legislative framework.  

Public affairs advisor Juliette Beaulaton presented  the association’s  perspective on the impact of the evolution of consumer’s expectations in terms of payment experience and payment options, as well as the influence of the fading distinction between online and offline commerce and the development of Internet of Things on the retail sector and on payments. She also discussed the influence of the entry of new players and the development of new technologies on online payments, as well as the main challenges  encountered by  members of Ecommerce Europe, including challenges linked to cross-border payments in Europe, authentication, identification, fraud management, and fees.  

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