Ecommerce Europe contributes to the European Commission’s consultation on AI


Ecommerce Europe contributed to the European Commission’s consultation on the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence. The consultation aimed at consulting stakeholders on three key topics, based on the White paper on Artificial Intelligence that was published in February 2020. Those topics include:

  • Building an ecosystem of excellence that can support the development and uptake of AI across the EU
  • Options for future regulatory frameworks
  • Specific question on the safety and liability implications of AI, IoT and robotics

Ecommerce Europe believes that the EU has a well-functioning legal framework for products and services brought on the EU market, addressing current concerns relating to AI and ranging from data protection, privacy, and liability.  We support the proposed distinction and criteria put forward by the European Commission on ‘high-risks’ AI applications, as the combination of a sectoral and an application-based approach ensures that all assessments are made on a case-by-case basis.

Ecommerce Europe seized this opportunity to highlight key recommendations for the future of Artificial Intelligence in Europe. To ensure that companies across the EU can remain competitive and grow, it is essential that we ensure high-level of awareness and a strong emphasis on education and training (for individual and companies), but also a high-level of legal certainty and harmonization of legal regimes across the EU to facilitate the development and uptake of innovative European solutions. This could also lead to further exploration of the role of regulatory sandboxes.

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