Ecommerce Europe develops pan-European trustmark


Ecommerce Europe is currently developing the first steps for a pan-European trustmark for the e-commerce sector for products and services. The aim of the trustmark is – as the name indicates – to foster trust amongst consumers as an eye-catching label immediately informs the consumer whether a web merchant complies with objective standards.

A trustmark, developed by the industry itself, answers the request of web merchants and consumers to provide more clarity in the European e-commerce landscape. Moreover, the trustmark is non-profit and available to all companies, including SMEs in Europe selling products and/or services online to consumers at low or no cost.

Currently, the Digital Single Market is fragmented along national lines which hamper the growth of the industry. For consumers and merchants alike, it is a nuisance that they are unaware of legislation in other EU Member States. A pan-European trustmark should provide clarity in the wink of an eye, as the same standards apply to all companies in all countries.

This is a win-win-win: consumers benefit by trusting the services of the web merchant, who in turn sees his business grow, which is good for the European economy and job creation.