Ecommerce Europe featured in the European Business Review Magazine


Ecommerce Europe is   featured in the next edition of the European Business Review Magazine focused on e-commerce and entitled “Shaping the Future of Digital Commerce”.  This edition of the Magazine  includes several articles about Ecommerce Europe where we explain our main activities and our views on challenges of the e-commerce sector in Europe.  

Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference

The Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference is also featured.  With around 350 visitor this year, the Conference was oriented around three key themes: e-Regulations dealing with geoblocking and online platforms, e-Payments where the questions of security and innovative solutions were raised, and e-Logistics with a focus on standardization and sustainability.

EE Annual Conference

“The e-commerce sector is booming and needs a policy framework”

In general, Ecommerce Europe supports  the objectives of the European Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy. Its eCommerce Package in particular, which contains several legislative and policy initiatives with the aim of boosting  online sales in Europe, is for us a very important part  of this strategy. The Package represents  good progress and some of the online  merchants’ recommendations  have been taken into account. However there are still some crucial underlying problems , such as legal fragmentation , which are not being addressed by the Package.  We want to stress that the real problems in e-commerce are related to the fact that  are we have still not attained  a real, fully harmonized Single Market.

Upcoming priorities and challenges for the e-commerce sector in Europe

The EU is facing crucial challenges that will impact its policies at all levels but also its nature itself. In this context, a wide range of dossiers  linked to the European Commission’s Digital Single Market (DSM)  Strategy will be affected. Ecommerce Europe presents in the Magazine its views on Brexit and its priorities for the next months in the context of the Slovak Presidency.

The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark

The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark stimulates cross-border e-commerce through better protection for consumers and merchants by establishing one European set of rules and by ensuring clear communication of these rules.

The digital version of the Magazine is available here.