Ecommerce Europe first Business Partner meeting


Ecommerce Europe organized for the first time a meeting with its business partners with the aim of actively exchanging views on how to foster cross-border e-commerce in Europe and therefore unlock its potential. The objective of the meeting was to gather practical experiences from business partners of the hurdles they have to face daily when doing business. Ecommerce Europe is the voice of the e-commerce sector in Europe, by translating the concrete feedback received from its members in policy recommendations for European regulators for a better and seamless e-commerce market.

The importance of cooperation with business partners

The President of Ecommerce Europe, Mr. François Momboisse, highlighted the importance of bringing the Ecommerce Europe business partners together around the table. “Ecommerce Europe strongly believes that your expertise is of great importance and works hard to translate the concrete examples we receive from you in policy solutions for the legislators”, Mr. Momboisse declared. Ecommerce Europe will use the input received by business partners during the meeting to feed its future positions on e-commerce policies.

Great exchanges between business partners and policy experts!

During the meeting, Ecommerce Europe also presented the main priorities and activities of its three Working Committees: e-Regulations, e-Payments and e-Logistics. Ecommerce Europe’s policy experts have elaborated on Ecommerce Europe’s activities on the Digital Single Market plans of the European Commission and presented the main priorities of the association. During the presentations, Ecommerce Europe’s business partners and policy advisors engaged in interesting discussions covering many topics, from data protection and privacy, consumer policies, taxation to the challenges of the online payments and parcel delivery market.

Ecommerce Europe Business Partners: Benefits

Ecommerce Europe looks back on a successful first Business Partner meeting and is looking forward to its future Business Partner meetings. Becoming a business partner of Ecommerce Europe is the perfect way to gather valuable insights and expertise through sharing information, communication and networking. Ecommerce Europe strives to interconnect business partners with B2C cross-border companies, thereby creating valuable industry-related opportunities. The goal is to create a business partner network by accumulating expertise and experience in order to help make cross-border e-commerce more feasible and attractive.

How to join Ecommerce Europe

If you would like to have further information on how to become a business partner of Ecommerce Europe and the advantages of the partnership, please visit our website.