Ecommerce Europe gave a speech at the NetComm Suisse conference on Regulatory Framework for Operating e-Commerce in Switzerland 2018


The Director of EU Public Affairs of Ecommerce Europe Luca Cassetti was invited today by Netcomm Suisse to give a speech on the main policy and legislative activities in the European Union.  Held in Bern at the City Hall, the event gathered a number of think tanks about e-Commerce regulations involving different stakeholders, such as administration representatives and politicians, industry players on the supplier side, industry players on the merchant side, university researchers and representatives from the academic world, as well as consumer associations and international institutions. The objective of NetComm Suisse was to share ideas and positions on a number of topics crucial to the development of e-Commerce in Switzerland.

Luca Cassetti presented the work done by Ecommerce Europe in fostering e-commerce in Europe at all levels. The European e-commerce association, of which NetComm Suisse is a member, is focusing on public affairs activities in the EU policy landscape. The presentation was therefore focusing on EU legislative initiatives and adopted proposals in the field of e-commerce, mainly included in the Digital Single Market Strategy of the European Commission.

Luca Cassetti emphasized the importance of achieving a real (Digital) Single Market. Full harmonization at EU-level of the different regulatory frameworks, for consumer and contract law for and privacy for instance, is the only way forward to overcome the current barriers to cross-border e-commerce.

In particular, rules should be the same for both online and offline sales as the border between these two ways of selling is getting more and more blurred. Ecommerce Europe, together with its members, is therefore working together with the European Institutions to ensure that the demands of the e-commerce sector will be duly taken into account when new legislation is proposed and negotiated.

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