Ecommerce Europe held successful Working Committees in February 2018


On 6-7 February, Ecommerce Europe welcomed national and sector specific legal, payments and logistics experts, including from the European Commission, to a series of Working Committee meetings in Brussels. Working Committees are a great opportunity for Ecommerce Europe’s members to exchange views and information between national e-commerce associations and businesses on new opportunities and threats brought by the recent developments at European level and to define the policy orientation and priorities of the European association.

e-Payments Working Committee

This two-day event started with the e-Payments Working Committee, co-chaired by Roberto Liscia and Just Hasselaar, where members discussed the new Payment Services Directive 2, to map the ongoing implementation process in each Member State, identify opportunities and new obligations for merchants and exchange views on key provisions introduced by the PSD2, such as the (partial) ban on the surcharging of online payment. Ecommerce Europe’s members also discussed the opportunities offered by the introduction of new Third-Party Payment Service Providers and their ability to directly access customers’ bank account information.

e-Logistics Taskforce

The e-Payments Working Committee was followed by the second meeting of our new successful e-Logistics Taskforce, co-chaired by César Tello and Walter Trezek. Representatives from e-commerce associations, company members, business partners and external participants from the postal and parcel worlds had the opportunity to get updated on ongoing developments in fora where Ecommerce Europe is represented, such as the UPU and several European Commission’s Working groups. Ecommerce Europe facilitated the discussion on issues ranging from recent developments in EU and global postal market, the Regulation on Cross-border parcel delivery services, to VAT and customs in the EU.

e-Regulations Working Committee

On 7 February, the members of the e-Regulations Working Committee, chaired by Marc Lolivier, had the privilege to welcome Mr. Werner Stengg, Head of Unit on E-Commerce and Platforms at DG CONNECT, to have an exchange of views on the European Commission’s plans on Platform-to-Business trading practices and share the associations’ preliminary remarks on this important topic. The e-Regulations meeting of last week also focused on the industry’s concern on the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation, the ongoing discussions on the proposed ePrivacy Regulation and the upcoming Commission’s package “New Deal for Consumers”, expected for April 2018. Finally, Alan Rhode from illustrated the changes that the VAT DSM Package will bring in 2019 and 2021 in the online sales sector.

Trustmark Working Committee

Ecommerce Europe concluded two fruitful days of meetings with the Trustmark Working Committee, chaired by Annegret Mayer, where members discussed how to further boost the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, by extending its criteria.  To know more about the Trustmark, please visit

Next meetings

The next Working Committee meetings of Ecommerce Europe will take place on 12-13 April 2018 in Milan. If you want to have more information on how to get involved in shaping e-commerce related EU policies, please contact us at