Ecommerce Europe invites its members to participate in the eSkills for Jobs Campaign!


The eSkills for Jobs initiative launched a course aimed to guide teachers in how to develop a range of digital skills and to introduce them to the tools and resources that are available to them. At the end of the course, teachers should be able to design lessons that focus on a range of digital skills and make use of innovative tools to assist their own and the students’ work in this area. Also participating in the EU Code Week 2015 initiative would represent a great opportunity to learn more about coding and use the acquired knowledge on a daily basis when working for an online company such as a web shop.

Ecommerce Europe’s members and eSkills

Ecommerce Europe’s members have also developed their own scheme and platforms for the growth of digital literacy of not only for students but also active workers that are willing to further develop their ICT skills. If you want to receive any further information on the subject, please contact us by clicking here.

Ecommerce Europe believes that acquiring appropriate eSkills will help online retailers, especially the smaller ones which have fewer resources, in improving their business models and, accordingly, their sales.

To keep you informed about the eSkills for Jobs Campaign, please visit the following links: